Uploading a Logo for a Local Tenant

Q: Help!  I would like to upload a logo for my tenant.  How can I do that?


A: If you have access to edit your store/tenant page in Simon Central, you will soon be able to update your logo, too.  This will allow you to update the logo on the tenant page you are editing, but will not update the logo for other tenants or malls.


Interested in uploading a logo for a tenant for more than one mall property?  Please submit your request to our Base Tenant Requests & Updates form at www.simon.com/basetenant.  The Base Tenant Team will review your request.


Want to learn more about the difference between a base tenant logo and a local tenant logo?  Check out this topic for more information.

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    Vanessa Disla

    I cannot see the "update your logo" editing button. Can someone help.

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